Civilization Modpack (NikPlays)

Added mods to enhance gameplay

Mods are;

(1) Community Patch (v 88)
(2) Community Balance Overhaul (v 13)
(3) City-State Diplomacy Mod for CBP (v 27)
(4) C4DF – CBP (v 11)
(5) More Luxuries – CBO Edition (5-14b) (v 155)
(6b) Community Balance Overhaul – Compatibility Files (No-EUI) (v 1)
Coasts and Rivers Yield Gold Again (v 1)
Easy Promotions (v 1)
Emigration (v 6)
New Promotions pack (v 14)
Promotions – Expansion Pack (v 9)
Terrain – Poor Tiles Tweak (v 2)

  1. Download this file.
  2. Extract to steamapp/common/civv/asset/dlc
  3. enjoy!
  4. delete the file to uninstall

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